Vermilion Guide

Vermilion is a ranged carry with superb lane control and farming abilities. He has a strong aoe slow which can easily net him kills or set up an allies disable.His two passives give him a great deal of lane control and the ability to quickly farm. His ult is a strong disable and can easily get you out of a tough situation when enemies close in on you. All in all he is a very good ranged carry.

Up to user discretion

Skill build
Cheesy Ending
Dead Eye
Dead Eye
Piercing Shot
Dead Eye
Rocket Jump
Dead Eye
Piercing Shot
Piercing Shot
Piercing Shot
Rocket Jump
Chesy Ending
Chesy Ending
Chesy Ending
Rocket Jump

Cheesy Ending: This skill is a long range large aoe slow with very little delay. It is great for keeping enemies in range of your auto attack and works well as an opener to a gank to allow allies to get in range and set up their own disables. In lane it is cheap enough to be used in combination with auto attacks to harass the enemy heroes.

Piercing Shot: This skill doubles as a steroid and a farming tool as well as an additional way to harass enemies in lane. Early on you are mostly going to use this skill to harass the enemy in lane either directly or by attacking a creep and hitting them with the flac. Latter in game once you have a good amount of attack speed you can quickly burst down entire lanes of creeps and farm the jungle easily. While the skill is strong it shines more later in the game when you have enough attack speed and damage.

Dead Eye: This skill gives you great lane control allowing you to last hit creeps while safely out of range of the enemy heroes and it allows you to harass enemy heroes much more easily then they can hit you. One of the main laning advantages is forcing enemy heroes farther back when they are trying to hide in the protection of their tower as you can easily hit them from the edge of the towers range. This skill is very powerful in lane.

Rocket Jump: This skill is a strong disable and is best used in a team fight when enemies are rushing you and you need to get some distance. You can use it to stun them and jump a large distance back. While less optimal you can also use this skill for ganks to stop enemies from running though the knock back can hamper you if you are trying to chase them. It can also be used soley for the teleport by targeting the ground next to your hero in the opisite direction that you wish to travel. (CHECK IF YOU CAN HOP CLIFFS)

starting items
2 power shard (building into crafted dragon shield)
2 potions of healing

early game
dragon shield (uses 2 power shards and gloves to craft)
power boots

mid game
demon fang
vampiric dagger

Late Game
zealot blade
crushing mace

Dragon Shield is core to this item build as it offers you damage, health that scales with your damage, and it gives you an insane amount of power in lane if gotten early enough. During the laning phase the regenerating 300 hit point shield makes you virtualy immune to harassment allowing you to hit the enemy while they can’t do any thing back with out fully commiting to a kill since you will just heal back the health after 7 seconds. The other items are less important but they focus on giving you more auto attack damage allowing you to kill enemies by right clicking.

Before you get your dragon shield you should focus on last hitting and throwing in some harasment if it wont cost you gold. You can use Cheesy Ending to slow then auto attack while they try to back up or to go for kills assuming the enemy is at low enough health. Once you have your Dragon Sheild you can get really aggressive in lane though you can still be killed if you are out of position badly enough and they have good disables and burst. You can generally force them off the lane though or significantly reduce the amount of last hits they can get. Once you have lane control you can fairly easily push down the first tower though you might want to keep it up to continue farming for a while.

Mid Game
You want to continue to focus on farming the lane but you can move around to set up kills though it isn’t your main goal. You can also hit the jungle and farm easily as your shield will take most of the damage. You can fairly easily push down towers on your own if the enemy team leaves you alone in lane so if the enemy is all on the other side of the map you should try to take an enemy tower. Even though you are focusing on farming you are not crippled with out it like a traditional carry and you can put out enought damage to kill an enemy even early on in the game so you shouldn’t play to defensivly.

Team Fights
In team fights you are going to want to hang out in the back and auto attack enemies down. You generally want to focus on the enemy teams carry followed by their casters with disables and then target their bulkiest hero last. You should use Cheesy Ending in team fights to slow down the enemy team and you want to save Rocket Jump incase they start to focus you though it is fine to use it if you have routed the enemy and are just cleaning them up. As long as you can hang back and pick off targets and you have sufficent farm you should do very well.

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